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Developing directions

In order to perform strategic targets planned by the Board of Directors of Lutaco , those must be specifically performed as below:

  • Expanding activity area

The business activity of Lutaco is not only limited in Ho Chi Minh City. Lutaco has expanded its area in all over the country. Especially it has recently performed some famous projects in the North and South of Vietnam although the proceeds ratios are not the same in all areas. In its long-term plan, Lutaco will open some branches in those areas that have a high demand for infrastructure building such as the Central of Tay Nguyen. Besides, mobile offices will be widely applied when projects are executed in a short period of time.

At the same time, Lutaco will deploy some activities such as bidding for projects in other countries like Laos, Cambodia…

  • Expanding business fields

With prevalent advantages of project construction, Lutaco will expand its fields in real estate, resort and clinic investment in the next period of time. Those fields are supposed to earn much more money for Lutaco.

  • Assessing the suitability between the developing directions of the company with those of the business, the policies of the government and the common trend in the world

Vietnam has been formally accepted as a member of WTO. In their plans for 2007-2010, the Government has had many effective solutions to the policy system and performed those terms which Vietnam signed when our countries joined WTO. In this context, although we can gain plenty of advantages, we also meet new challenges and difficulties because we are lacking of experiences, financial and human resources. However, Lutaco with its proper direction based on its current strong points will be successful in the context of integration today.

Lutaco grows up from a team of executing projects and has continued developing its available fields. Besides, Lutaco has realized its chance of trading in new conditions and verifying its business fields.

Nevertheless, Lutaco has also known that it will meet great difficulties and competition in new markets. With its direction, Lutaco will have a wise decision of choosing its suitable business fields.