Executing technical projects

Building activities of Lutaco are being widely performed all over the country, from Ho Chi Minh City to provinces in Cuu Long River Delta and Northern provinces. Main activities include:

  •          Building metropolitan and traffic infrastructure
  •          Leveling premises
  •          Consulting and designing projects
  •          Renting project executing machinery
  •          Providing products
  •          Building projects

This is the main activity of Lutaco including of: building infrastructure of traffic, irrigation, post and telecommunication, underground projects, water providing and draining projects, sewage treating projects, industrial and public projects… Lutaco has been successful as the main tenderer of many large and famous projects in Ho Chi Minh and other places. This is the traditional and main aspect of Lutaco. 

  •          Consulting and designing projects

With a staff of excellent architects and engineers who were well-trained and experienced through many large projects, Lutaco is able to provide customers with architectural designs, structure, projects, electricity and water even including of consulting construction for traffic, irrigation and other projects.

Lutaco always tries to find out optimal solutions that not only assure technical and economical norms but also create high aesthetic standards and the practicality of designs.

  •          Other activities

In addition to those above main activities, Lutaco also concentrates on developing other aspects such as: trading real estate, restaurans, hotels; renting machinery and equipment…