Service providing process

The service providing process of Lutaco includes some steps that are described in details in the following map. Those steps from the receipt of information to the end contains:

  1.          Receiving information about investors’ requirements
  2.          Surveying internal ability, assessing market’s conditions
  3.          Planning bidding method (if practical)
  4.          Bidding
  5.          Signing contracts (if winning the contract)
  6.          Assigning work (assignment including of choosing subordinate tenderer)
  7.          Planning solutions and speed of executing
  8.          Processing to build
  9.          Processing to check and take over projects
  10.          Paying and making balance sheet
  11.          Insuring repairment
  12.          Liquidating contracts
  13.          Performing guarantee and maintenance services after liquidating (if existent) .