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LUONG TAI INVESTMENT AND CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION would like to send to you our warmest compliments and wish you every success in your life as well as in your businesses

Head Office : 173A Nguyen Van Troi, ward 11, Phu Nhuan Dist., HCMC
Tel : (84.8) 38421026
Fax : (84.8) 38421029
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Charter capital : VND
Stock code : LUT

Luong Tai Investment & Construction Corporation (LUTACO) former Road Maintenance & Mechanical Execution Team was established on 26 March, 1987 and belonged to Transportation Enterprise Union No.7, who is now called Road Management Corporation No.7. In the first period of establishment, the Team exceeded the expectations in ensuring the thorough transportation for hundreds of kilometers of the National Road and in executing lots of main works in South Eastern provinces. By October 1997, the Team enlished the Mechanical Execution Company, which was established at the same time, with the most important role. It got stronger until February 2003 when the country integrated into the world economy and grew very fast in all aspects. The investment capital into infrastructure increased strongly year by year.

In adapting the country's development progress and to be deserved in its capabilities, LUTACO has been established on the basis of the team's infrastructure and manpower with hundreds of employees, tens of skillfull engineers and hundreds of billion VND in capital investedin the most advanced construction machinery and specialized equipments for infrastructure execution.

Besides that, LUTACO has strongly invested in real estate projects in many provinces in Vietnam. The projects have grown so fast so far and expected to deliver more benefits in the coming years. We are now investing in finance, banking and securities. One, remarkable event that marked in the development process is that, on January 4, 2008 our stock has officially been traded on the HASTC with the stock code of LUT. It's our effort to continuously jump to the higher level.

We are now a member of the Civil Construction Corporation No.6 under the Ministry of Transportation with the revenue of hundreds of billions VND each year.