Giới thiệu
Business activity scale

Các lĩnh vực đã và đang hoạt động sản xuất kinh doanh của Lương Tài như sau:
- Building infrastructure projects.
- Building traffic projects (bridges, roads, ports…).
- Building irrigation and hydroelectricity works.
- Building post and telecommunication projects.
- Building post and telecommunication projects.
- Building underground plans.
- Building drainage, sewage treatment projects.
- Building industrial and public architectural projects.
- Managing investment plans.
- Consulting bidding.
- Investing infrastructure that belongs to housing plans in order to pass the land using right.
- Building industrial zone infrastructure.
- Consulting, designing industrial and public projects.
- Consulting managing construction investment plans.
- Designing building construction premises.
- Leveling premises.
- Renting facilities and executing machinery.
- Producing, buying and selling building materials.
- Trading in houses and acting as a real estate agency.
- Trading in restaurants and hotels.
- Acting as a trading petroleum and other services agency.
- Renting houses and offices.
- Interior and exterior decoration.
- Investing clinic resort business