Personnel policy

As a young Company with young directors and managers, we know better than anyone that the key to success lies in human-beings. During our development, Lutaco has built a policy that attracts excellent professional persons who also lead moral lives and are responsible for their jobs and social lives. If working in our company, workers will be paid with a satisfactory salary in addition to having chances of being well- trained overseas. Besides, they are also provided with social welfare and other equal rights according to the rules of the Government and our Company.

Only if you have talent, knowledge, morality and enthusiasm of the youth, Lutaco will be the best choice for you to challenge yourself. In order to supply the human resource for our company timely, besides advertising recruitment periodically, we always welcome and give chances to all experienced and professional persons who want to devote to our company. Those who are suitable will be invited to interviews and immediately accepted if fulfilling requirements. We are Lutaco, please contact us and we can cooperate with each other.